Herstellung, Reparatur und Ersatzteilfertigung

Cylinder Lubrication Series K
  • only in pressure tight construction for oil-inflow by way of supply tank
  • for all driving systems also reversible in case of turning-drive
  • with or without flow control
  • for economical and dependable lubrication
  • in case of counter pressure up to 100 bar
  • with load depending adjustment of delivery volume to lubrication requirement, proportionally also with diferrent individual basic adjustment up to 20 lubrication points
  • supply quantity up to a maximum of 0,56 m³ per piston stroke/point

The cylinder lubricators of the series K were constructed in such a way, that for cylinder lubrication of Diese- lengines the amount of oil used is largely attributed to real requirement. If, with the heaviest load, a relatively high quantity of lubricating-oil is used, a smaller amount of lubricating-oil will possibly be sufficient for normal loads. With an even lighter load the consume of oil can be reduced further and thus a larger quantity of lubricating oil can be saved. For dependable performance the following factors have to be observed: Constant ratio between lubrication intervals and number of strokes of the motor piston. Reduction of lubrication in the same ratio as maximum or minimum regulated lubrication points (correspon- ding to the graph provided below). Visual control of each lubrication point through pressure resistant flow-through glasses. Additional attachable electronic control- and alarm transmitter, type-testet by GL for unattended operation.

Example Graph: